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Our Story

California Ave is a leading designer of women’s jewelry, accessories and other unique gifts. Founded in 2014 as a means to provide fashionable jewelry and accessories at affordable prices, the brands innovative designs, hypoallergenic offerings and brilliant colors have continued to inspire women of all ages.

How it began

In late 2013 having been born and raised in Florida the founder of California Ave found herself picking up and moving cross-country to California. She was leaving behind the warm sunny beaches of South Florida (and her job) for the much cooler coastline of Northern California. Bored and desperate for a paycheck she took matters into her own hands and after settling in to her new home in California she gave owning her own business a shot. By 2014 with its perfect blend of Florida’s vibrant beach style and California’s bohemian vibe California Ave had opened its first store online to great reviews.

She was on to something!

Having struggled from a young age with sensitive ears our founder knew that there had to be better earring options out there. Throughout the years she had tried it all and had accepted the fact that if she wanted to wear earrings pain free she would have no choice but to buy expensive gold ones. After having sucked it up and dealt with her painful allergy for far too long she set out to find the perfect material for allergy ridden females everywhere. Stainless steel was it and most importantly it was affordable! Long gone were the days of boring overpriced earrings. California Ave was now a leading designer in fashionable and affordable hypoallergenic earrings.

Under the sea…

When looking around our store you may notice an underlying beach vibe. Having grown up in South Florida our founder has always had a natural lure to the sea. In fact, she draws a lot of her inspiration from the popular beach towns lining her home state’s vibrant cost. One of her favorite tourist attractions (no, not the one with the mouse) is a roadside attraction from a time long ago where you can still see real life mermaids perform daily in their underwater theater. Inspired by her love of the ocean (and those Florida mermaids) she began creating the mermaid inspired pieces and colorful jewelry and accessories that you see in our store today.

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